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Our Approach

Droplets of Mercy Inc. is a not for profit established in November 2018 with 3 main goals: 
  1. To help those who are less fortunate with basic necessities through sincerity, compassion, and respect.
  2. To spread the beautiful teachings of Islam to Muslims and Non-Muslims across Canada.
  3. To work with established charities (Muslim and Non-Muslim) to tackle the specific needs of those who are in need.  We realize we are much stronger and can have a more significant impact, when we work together.

For the people, by the people

Droplets of Mercy Inc. was established to do good, whenever and wherever it is needed. We are a charity for the people, made up by the people, and will always put our beneficiaries first. If you have identified a problem within the community that falls within our mandate, please contact us, and our team will review your proposal to see if we are able to help find a solution going forward.

We look forward to working with you to serve our community in a positive way.

Board of Directors,
Droplets of Mercy Inc.